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My favorite underground place in the world.



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Courtney Out Loud

Sometimes you get inspiration from the least likely of places.  I have been working with a client on his San Francisco condo for about a year now, slowly adding pieces that we think represent his urban rustic aesthetic.  He loves the mix of wood and metals but craves a touch of color in subtle ways.  In his living room, we had to contend with his beloved red overstuffed sleeper sofa.  It isn’t my first choice for seating but sometimes you have to play the hand you are dealt.  He then informed me that he wanted a place to house all of his electronics, stand alone speakers and his large flat screen TV.

So I was tasked with providing storage for his electronics and TV, incorporate color and tie in his sofa along with the more rustic elements in the space.  Common sense told me that we needed to do something…

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