Design Uncensored

Last week I finally walked across the Time’s Square, which is a rare occasion despite the fact that I live just a few blocks away. As many New Yorkers would tell you, we try to avoid the overpopulated / over-touristy areas in the city, because of a few reasons: we simply can do that because we’ve seen and been there so many times, and there’s nothing very new we haven’t seen there. However, occasionally we do have to walk by, minding our daily business.

Ironically, not having been around the Time’s Square for months, last week I’ve discovered a quite interesting picture – the whole area that divides Broadway and the Seventh Avenue between the theatre discount tickets’ booth and 43rd Street was covered with the ‘photo-booth’ like snapshots of the people. Random people too.

I wondered what the hell was going on and what it’s all about. Funny the life…

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